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If you have played it already and are looking for more, then on this page you will find a list of games like My Candy Love.Flirting games are most loved by teen girls, and they are based on very popular Japanese dating games.Can roam the hand icon all over Chloe when in the taxi but get no reaction from her or the progress bar up the left side of the screen.Most of the other games work ok and detect mouse movement and clicks, but not these LOP ones. It`s nice to find one where both the girlfriend and the slut are just a bit more fleshed out.

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So far I`ve seen every ending but #4; of those, #5 with Cloe is easily my favorite, as that`s basically my ultimate personal fantasy. By the way when you get to the part on fingering Katy`s pussy you move the mouse around to make the meter go up Great game!At any rate, an excellent introduction to the site. Chloe is really, really hot but Katy is by far the sluttiest. The graphics are great, it`s just too bad that there are no sfx. The conversations with the characters are good and the sex scenes are fun and well animated.Shame there isn`t a threesome with both girls, but with their different personalities, that just wasn`t going to happen!Also hope for the fantasy of them both, but great game nonetheless. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good. No real logic to it - just depends exactly where you move the hand and when you pause it seems.Pretty rubbish game play and although the characters are nicely rendered the animation is pathetic.

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