Fun dating tips

An introvert person chooses to be alone, mainly because they tend to be more emotionally independent and loves their “me time”. Just a sight of him makes your knees weak and his smile makes your heart flutters.

A crush is a wonderful feeling that sometimes seems unattainable in reality, simply because approaching him sounds dreadful. New study reveals one reason you’re more prone to having flings with bad boys Ever wonder why that guy sitting at the end of the bar in a leather jacket downing shots of Jack while surrounded by a cloud...

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Whip up these tweaked-out BLTs, courtesy of David Seawell, executive chef at Fog City Diner, in San Francisco. Serve over ice with sliced peaches, oranges, cherries, and mint leaves.

Remember that insightful opening paragraph just now? Go to a movie and make fun of it, go to a bar and ask for your finest bottle of cheapest wine -- just don’t take the setting seriously and you might accidentally pay attention to the person you’re supposed to be paying attention to. Get Very Physical If you’re going the out-of-your-element route, find the weirdest punk show you can go to and dance till your ass falls out of your pant-legs.

Man, there’s just something about a driving bass line and screechy vocals that gets the juices flowing -- the sexy juices.

Grab some vino and a blanket to cuddle on while you lie in your yard and gaze at some stars.6. You may not look as polished as you usually do, but he'll be psyched that you want to do something physical.

Play the Post-it Note Game When your fave bar finally opens its outdoor seating area, meet your crew for a Saturday-afternoon brew and this Hollywood game. especially after being cooped up in the office under fluorescent lights all week.

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