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He might've been offended, I think you just need to speak to him about this, but ask him to answer truthfully if he missed you in this absence, and if you miss him, then try to minor problem.

Just try and be happy that you have found each other, and maybe talk to him about the gifts, tell him you'd be happy with meaningful gifts even if they're small but that it also shows his appreciation.

Is there any chance for pregnancy, if yes then which tablet is perfect in silent to remove pregnancy. that are available in pakistan23 year old female wanting information on abortion tablets/inj's. Plus, I advised sending the above text when unaware you'd already beat me to it with a whole, positive flurry. He's showing you he's mad at you and is punishing you. It's INEVITABLE that at some point his anger will dissipate and then turn into anxiety about why you've given up trying to engage him.... It's just a fight, a necessary part of the mating dance within the entire, primitive ritual, common stuff for a couple with your tenure and (evidently) seriousness.Quite possibly, this suits him because he additionally hasn't a clue what to say to you yet (about his own behaviour). Half the time couples don't even realise they're doing it or how, let alone why.THough there are several times that we are being loud at each other but overall ita been great. We exchange presents(mostly he gives expensive gifts).We do little good things for each other's families.

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