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(c) On the registration page, You can select from 3 different levels of access by selecting one of the following options: (1) ‘I want to read only’ (Read–only Access); (2) ‘I want to read and post to the forums’ (Read and Post to Forums Access); or (3) ‘I want full access to everything’ (Full Access).(d) When you register, You will need to provide: (1) varying levels of information on the registration page depending on which level of registration You select; and (2) a user name and password (Your Login), (collectively, Your Registration Information).(a) The Website contains general information that You can access without registering.However, most information and features (including the ‘Young People’s Dashboard’) cannot be accessed without logging in.By You continuing to use the Website, such changed Terms will apply from that point forward.(e) You warrant to Us that You have the authority to enter into an agreement with Us on these Terms.(e) You warrant to Us that You will provide Us with accurate, truthful and complete Registration Information and that You will keep Your Registration Information accurate and up to date.

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The money will come from a voter-approved tax on San Francisco properties that sell for at least million and is expected to raise about million a year for the city.

The state gives community colleges about ,000 to ,000 for each student enrolled, depending on whether the student is enrolled in noncredit or credit courses.

So each fleeing student cost City College thousands of dollars.

Participants still pay a semester — for a health fee and for Web registration — plus the cost of books. That’s 2 in savings for a full-time student taking 12 credits.

There is a caveat: Students who drop a free class after the deadline for doing so will be charged full price for that class.

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