Free russian adult chatroulette

Much of the discussion when the old site went down was around would the new version feature a clean-cut and family friendly PG-13 platform or would something completely different come back?It seems that the service has reverted to be a 80% mix of males in underwear, male genitalia and strange and disturbing noises, so the question is what happened to the old platform that was actually starting to build itself into a real video chat platform?Most people were turned off by the original site having no real censorship or punishment for the high level of male genitalia being shown and other disturbing or obscene images.The Russian developer eventually started to cave to pressure and requested that chat participants have to be at least 16 years old and strongly started to enforce some rules to allow offended users to complain about the particular user.Unsurprisingly, given the nature of most Chatroulette encounters, adult-themed channels dominate the list at the moment, with the ‘sex’ channel proving most popular of all.

Actions like this reduced the initial shock value of the platform but did allow its demographic to expand among female users.The middle button that has no text is actually the new way to cycle through Chat Roulette users but the page is lacking any other information, text or even any advertising, so its likely the platform is not yet fully redeveloped but its a concern that the nudity and shock value came back so quickly.It’s a real shame that the relaunch of Chat Roulette is while very fast loading and super simple to use, more of a slide show of obscene images and too many guys in their underwear to really make you think about going back to use it again!In keeping with the site’s current ethos of minimal regulation, users can create a new channel simply by adding a subdomain to the Chatroulette URL.The Localroulette feature auto-detects the origin of users from their IP addresses and places them into the appropriate ‘local’ channel (i.e.

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