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I'd also like to add to this template "The work of art is not necessarily Public Domain in other countries.", but I don't want to cludder the template, so please speak if you think this is a bad idea.

/ Fred-Chess , 16 February 2006 (UTC) Along with the pre-1923-in-the-U. rule, why don't we add "or was published outside of the United States before July 1909."[2] This would resolve most of the ambiguities which come up with people regarding things which are old enough to be PD-US but are not necessarily published in the US, but are not old enough to fall under one of the PD-Old tags.

Maybe we could deal with some real examples to get a feel for how we'd like image description pages to look. Paintings in particular are in a dreadful state, since the old language of Wikipedia: Public domain#Artworks led people to slap on a or tag and leave it at that.

Here's an image I uploaded with a prototype template: Image: Sjoundi dagur i Haukur , 15 August 2007 (UTC)I've started looking through some categories of (supposedly) PD images and they are generally very poorly documented indeed. Very, very few have the publication history that would be needed to be completely sure they're public domain in the US.

8 to complain about someone selling a cleaning product door-to-door who claimed to have a solicitor's license from the city. The caller was also upset because the solicitor sprayed the product without permission, and the resident has health concerns with certain chemicals. Police are seeking charges of resisting an officer and second-offense driving without a license against a 22-year-old Milwaukee woman after an incident at a.m. The woman ignored police commands to step out of the vehicle, and police had to remove her, according to their report. The incident took place on eastbound East Green Bay Avenue. Police pulled over the vehicle after discovering the vehicle's registration was suspended and the owner of the vehicle had a suspended driver's license and two active warrants.

A resident in the area of Maple Court called police Sept. The woman was pulled over for having no front license plate on her car and missing a portion of her car's front bumper.

Could an admin please move this template to Category: Images in the public domain in the United States per Wikipedia: Categories_for_deletion/US_vs_U. Thanks, Beland , (UTC) Can someone possibly format this template to look more distinctive, perhaps like Template: PD-old? --Chris Ruvolo , (UTC) Does anyone have any objections to a reduction in the size of Image: in this template ? I think 25px would fit within the box nicely, but I don't know the wikicodes well enough to position it properly.

Other that the grey copyright mark and the US flag, i have merged them together (as seen here) this attracts more attention than just the flag and the mark. Commons: Template: PD-US does not include the phrase "in the United States" in the second sentence and neither should this template.

Does it have enough information to establish PD status? That's why I think we're going to have to focus on images that are truly likely to be copyright violations, at least for now, rather than trying to pin down which specific criterion every image on Wikipedia fits.

Your suggestion of using a default tag for creators whose works were PD in their home country by 1996 sounds like a good start.

--Fastfission , 23 June 2006 (UTC) Thank you again.

And thanks for the advice, I got that right meantime ;-) --Branislav Jovanovic , 10 October 2006 (UTC) Can be used to simplfy this template and harmonize it with other PD-templates?

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