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She starts to arch her back and her pain is so erotic. She goes to the chair, to the floor, ass up, grinding and bucking from the pain until she dies, then long pans and views of her sexy oiled up body, and lovely soles, and especially her sexy belly. If you like one of the hottest gals on the planet in her element, doing some amazing moves with her body, and her sexy, smooth skin coated in oil doesn’t hurt either, well except it does kill her..

CBDescription: 3 sexy friends decide to role play with each other, discussing and acting in the ritualistic “animal slaughter”.

Description: Grace Xavier is a very powerful Psychiatrist that is in charge of several high profile clients, one being a detective that has been in trouble for using excessive force, drug use, and even shooting a few.

She has been seeing him for many years and now she needs him to do some dirty work for her.

He does her from behind, lifting her head by the hair and pulling her head up while he pumps her.

He pulls her to the top of the couch to give her more from behind as he pulls her head up by the hair.

She starts to seduce him as he explains he will kill her and make it look just like a home invasion, and they can be together at last.

She explains that she has loved him and now they can make love.

After she is dead and still, he lifts her up to stretch her out, lifts her head up by her hair.

He pulls her and ragdolls her to the sofa, then picks her up and slumps her ass up over the couch arm so he can screw her dead body.

He has waited for years to fuck her and he can now do it.

The man does not reply and she gets more and more desperate asking him to please, “Fuck me, you can fuck me however you like”.

The man tells her to use some baby oil to get things going.

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