Free hot trailer cams

Cam Spray Trailer mounted hot water pressure washers are built on the finest trailers in the industry today.

We know pressure washers and drain jetters, and Iowa is a hotbed for high-quality trailer manufacturers.

Perfect, Wire-Free Coverage These lightweight cameras fit in the palm of your hand, and since they’re wire-free you can place them anywhere.

Their adjustable mounts are easy to install, and allow you to refine camera position for optimal indoor, outdoor, wall and ceiling surveillance.

This system includes three wire-free HD cameras with 720p (progressive scan) resolution and infrared night vision capabilities.

Equipped with heavy duty trigger gun with a dual wand with side handle valve allows for the user to switch from high-pressure cleaning to detergent application and is equipped with quick change 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° nozzles.

Group 24 battery not included, but is available at any local auto parts store.

You attach the magnetic camera to your car's back panel.

The camera transmits wirelessly to the monitor, which has a built-in receiver.

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