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You see what you want to see.” For Jacobson, suppressing his instincts seemed like the only option. You married at 21, had a big wedding in Great Neck and lived happily ever after,” he says.

When he felt an attraction to men, “I buried my feelings.” But denying his sexuality came at a cost.

“Our love is all-enduring and unconditional,” says Drescher.

Pausing, she adds quietly, “All those years weren’t for nothing.” Over the last decade, Drescher and Jacobson, 53, have transitioned from spouses to best friends and, once again, producing partners.

“He got in touch with his true orientation,” she says matter-of-factly of her high school sweetheart.

The man in question is Shiva Ayyadurai, and he’s long been credited by many (including himself) as the inventor of email.Maxwell is trying to secure the rights to the latest yet unfinished offering by renowned playwright Dakota Williams, thinking that this play will be his breakout hit.Maxwell is competing with Andrew Lloyd Webber for the rights.She’s been very open in the past about her desire to date younger men, though given her age, there’s not a whole lot weird about being with someone seven years her junior. In addition to her huge fame as a sitcom star (most notably in The Nanny), she’s started skin care lines, allegedly encountered aliens and delivered her uncensored opinions to the world.Hopefully, this relationship with Ayyadurai will progress and she will be able to get a long-term happy ending.

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