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Take a look: "I secretly dated my college professor when I was a freshman. It was a small class which allowed for us to get close and we got closer at an extra credit (outside of class) event where I happened to be the only student of his that turned up. Even now she calls him The Creep." "So I wasn't involved but my high school had a sex scandal.

We dated secretly for a while until the semester ended and then more openly after. My grade reflected that." "I had a one-night stand with my English teacher. I tutored her daughter in math at their house weekly.

Walsh, who was 39 at time, denied the relationship was sexual in a police interview last summer. She did not return two emails or respond to a Facebook message for comment.

A local cellphone number known at one time to be Walsh’s is no longer in service.

The charge of sexual battery with a student also did not apply in this case because the student was not enrolled at Walsh’s school, he said.

Whenever a student-teacher scandal breaks, they never really give too much background, at least not from a first-person perspective, but NOT the Reddit community! I want to know the build up, the affair, and the aftermath! Luckily, Redditor, Naimaivy posed this question just yesterday—"Students who've had sex with their teachers, at what point did your relationship turn physical? We went out for a drink after (I was obviously under aged but he knew the bartender so I wasn't ID'ed). She was my Spanish teacher and she was super cool and always a very good conversationalist.

The boy bought a burner phone to try to contact Walsh after police interviewed both of them.

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While I was at six flags on a class field trip, the news broke they got caught by an administrator. My cool Spanish teacher was banging her daughter's 15 year old boyfriend!“There is no additional investigative activity on this case since the family declined to pursue charges,” he added.The Solicitor’s Office, which advised the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office on the case, determined no charges could be filed because South Carolina law says the age of consent is 16, said deputy solicitor Sean Thornton of the Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office.In the police report a charge listed was "penetration with a foreign object" which meant she but a sharpie up his butt! One night, at 12am on a Sat my dad come storming into my room.he said "go tell your idiorfriend to stop beeping in my driveway.

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