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Face Time is great for long distance…Him: I like your answer, Sandy. I love the way you look, and you seem like a really nice person.

And I was in a few since divorcing, but they just didn’t work out in the long run for a variety of reasons.[Seems like it’s harder to find the right person the older I get, ha ha. My son goes to college in Arizona, and my daughter lives in Oregon. Imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t stand the sound of your lover’s voice. The conversation was pleasant…for the first few minutes. ”]He kept telling me how much he liked me and that he wanted to be my boyfriend. Because that’s what he likes to do when he’s in a relationship. We hadn’t even met yet and he was using the ‘g’ word! Paying attention to those red flags early on will save you time, energy, and future heartache.

This will make things easier and more fun for both of you.

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Sure, you can take the time to think about what you say, therefore minimizing the opportunity for full-blown humiliation. Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of opening lines that all but guarantee a response back.

Although I do want to be in a loving relationship again. This may seem inconsequential, but the sound of someone’s voice matters if you’re in a relationship. He said he REALLY liked me, and he started making travel plans. Asia, Africa…I want to explore, hike, bike, meet the natives! I wished him the best of luck in finding someone special. Someone can seem like a great match on email or text, but the first phone call will tell you so much more.

Him: Getting out of a bad marriage did make me much happier, yes. Yes, please share your number.◊♦◊That night, we spoke on the phone, and we liked each other’s voices. My idea of a perfect vacation is a tropical island. My perfect vacation would be to Barcelona, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, Greece, or Ireland. I told him I didn’t think the connection was strong enough to pursue a relationship. Ok.”◊♦◊And this is why I highly recommend that you talk to a potential date as soon as possible.

You push those red flags aside, because there are things you like about him/her.“She’s so beautiful, I’ll just ignore the fact that she’s been complaining about her boss for the past five minutes.” “He’s a doctor. I’ll just ignore that comment he made about how his ex is a horrible person who wiped out his bank account.”Pay close attention to how you feel on that first phone call. I’m not telling you to be hyper-vigilant and over-react to everything he/she is saying. I don’t want to be someone’s everything every minute of every day. I want to be in a relationship with a man who values his autonomy, too.

That type of reactivity is usually due to unresolved issues on your part. We’d have separate fabulous lives, and come together to create a wonderful inter-dependent relationship.

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