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Some people started to point out that a lot of similar behavior is present in the Finnish national epic – Kalevala – which is set in prehistoric Finland.

Even with the seriousness of the topic, a sarcastic tone was often involved when the campaign faced the usual arguments about the vigilantism of Finnish men (aka. The Backslash and Xenophobic Counter-reaction As expected, some men’s rights activists reacted to the campaign by blaming women for also harassing the Finnish men.

Social media and particularly the Twittersphere activated to demonstrate how wide and historical sexual harassment is and has been in Finland.

An elderly woman shares her experience of harassment: “A man jumped on me, saying ‘I will kill you’ – I grabbed him and answered ‘And I will kill you'” – below the comment “Share your experiences on Instagram or Twitter” The use of the hashtag #lääppijä started a spontaneous reaction, which quickly became viral and over 15 000 tweets were posted over a few days.

The campaign began when an obscure statement was made by the Finnish police, which is a highly trusted institution in Finland especially when compared globally.

As it is often the case, there is an interconnection between misogyny and racism.

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The Finnish police received a tip that there was going to be a large scale sexual harassment by asylum seekers on New Year’s Eve a few months before.

The variety of harassment came from people the women knew, who worked with them, who they were related to, who they considered friends as well as some random strangers.

Alarmingly these experiences began also at very young ages.

However these tragicomic outbursts did not receive much publicity.

Also many of the women who shared their stories encountered the usual forms of slutshaming, internet bullying and trolling.

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