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It was a Saturday night and my dad had gone out for the evening. I decided to sit down at my computer and go into a gay chat room and see if I could find some hot chat to jerk off to.

My mom and dad had divorced when I was eight and dad got custody of me. I'm an eighteen year old gay male, six two in height and weigh just over two hundred. When I logged in, I went first to a room titled ' Married'.

Things continued on as normal, as we all went places together.

I noticed that Dad was going out more and more and when I asked if he was dating, he would get nervous and say no that he and some guys were getting together for poker. He pulled into a Motel 6, and checked in and went to his room.

Greg and I had discovered sex together and had been sucking and fucking each other since we were fifteen. I turned to him and asked, "Does Greg know anything? He thinks I'm straight but I'm totally gay. " "Since I was fifteen," I said, not telling him it was with his own son. He stepped up to me and as our hard cocks were pressed between our bodies he hugged me.I couldn't believe that my dad was gay and having sex with Greg.As I pulled out my cell phone rang, and it was Brad. Greg is over at a friends for the night and I was wondering if you could stop by." "You better believe I can. Just leave the door unlocked and be in bed naked and waiting." "Damn, I'll be glad to.I usually didn't meet guys for sex without physically getting to know them in person first but this guy seemed cool.I said I'd like that and asked if he could host.

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