Eve corporation standings not updating

You can find out how to blitz missions by referring to the EVE-Survival: Mission Reports page.Keep in mind it requires standing 1.0 for level 2 missions, 3.0 for level 3, 5.0 for level 4, and 7.0 for level 5.Circle Agents Similar to the data centers, circle agents are a group of level 1 storyline agents that offer courier missions to locations of other agents in the group.After completing the entire group, you'll realize that you are exactly where you started.You can make sure to get agents from the same corporation by using the EVE-Agents site.Find a storyline agent that is close to an agent offering the mission type you are wanting, and keep in mind that you only need to be close to this agent after the 15th mission, You can do the rest wherever you want as long as it is the same level.These are normally done for the rewards, but can be done for standing gains as well.

The storyline agent assigned to you depends on the location as it picks the closest storyline agent to the mission agent you completed the mission with.

Data Centers This is one way that many people never learn about.

At each Data Center you can find several agents that offer storyline missions that require you to turn in enemy faction tags to complete.

Like the other storyline missions, you can only do these once, so make sure to prepare for your tasks, and don't let them fail.

I have accidentally accepted some of these missions when they could not be completed, and was quick to learn that many GMs sympathize; as many will reset the agent for you.

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