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It’s not clear what makes these tiny tots such experts on these products, but they’re so cute and funny that we’re inclined to believe them.Last year’s roster was a bit lacking in the baby department."When I joined last summer, everyone told me they loved the baby.And I would say, 'Great do you have an account with us?There have been some great ads throughout the history of the big game and with that in mind we have presented the 100 greatest advertisements in Super Bowl history. If you don't know what it is, it's a website that allows you to go back and watch TV shows that you might have missed.There is video for each one so be sure to watch them all and let us know what you think in the comments. In 2009, Hulu promoted the service with Alec Baldwin, who played an alien who said that the site is a plot to destroy the world.

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Liza Landsman, chief marketing officer at E-Trade, said that the company started off by trying to really take a look at where its customers were.Will advertisers bring more babes – I mean babies – back to star in Super Bowl 2016? Go Pro shows us the possibilities for filming our little babies with their new, versatile camera.Meanwhile a look back at the best baby commercials from Super Bowl’s past…. With neat camera angles and a techno soundtrack, a baby walker never looked this cool.Figuring out how to insure your vehicle can be a headache and a half, but when John Krasinski pops up on your television to tout the merits of Esurance, it suddenly seems entirely doable. Krasinski has done ads for a whole mess of products, including Kodak,, Puma, Apple TV, and Carnival Cruises.

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