Esr dating in quaternary geology

Abstract Luoji Mountain(4359m a.s.l.), which is located in the middle part of eastern side of the Hengduan Mountain Range, preserved typical Quaternary glacial remains above 2300m a.s.l.

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The extents of the glaciers in this region decreased with time. Late Quaternary glacial chronology on the eastern slope of Gongga Mountain, eastern Tibetan Plateau, China.

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Feathery faults formation in Kumtagh Desert: Bayiquan tectonic movement and its relationship among Qinghai-Tibet Plateau uplift and climate Change. Geochronology constrained on Late Quaternary glaciation of Baimaxue Shan. 37~38 National Seismological Bureau Southwest Intensity Team. Quaternary glacier development and environment evolution in Qianhu Mountain, northwestern Yunnan Province.

Heights from the river floor to the surface of terrace in different part of the Anning River and the Zemu River, affected by the Qiangtang tectonic movement(corresponding to the Kunlun-Huanghe tectonic movement in the north part of the Tibetan Plateau), indicate that the uplifted amount of the Luoji Mountain was about 300m during the Middle Pleistocene. 第四纪研究, 2011, 31(5):749~764 Cui Zhijiu, Chen Yixin, Zhang Wei et al. Development conditions, number and morphological characteristics of glaciers in the Hengduan Mountains region. Science in China(Series D), 2006, 49(12):1291~1298 赵希涛, 曲永新, 李铁松. 冰川冻土, 1999, 21(3):242~248 Zhao Xitao, Qu Yongxin, Li Tiesong.

The altitude of the Luoji Mountain was already higher than 4000m a.s.l. The tectonic setting and favorable lower temperature and plentiful precipitation lead to the glacier development in the study areas. Research history, glacial chronology and origins of Quaternary glaciations in China. Pleistocene glaciation along the eastern foot of the Yulong Mountains.

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