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The Commission and Turkey have continued an engaged dialogue to find solutions, including the legislative and procedural changes needed on all the outstanding benchmarks.What is the state of play as regards the implementation of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey?

Of the €2,239 billion allocated, €1,252 billion have been contracted.The implementation of the Statement requires huge operational efforts from all involved, and most of all from Greece and Turkey.As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, this is a Herculean task.What is the state of play as regards visa liberalisation for Turkish citizens?As regards the implementation of the Visa Liberalisation Roadmap, the Second Report of 15 June 2016 described seven benchmarks that remain to be met: The Commission has encouraged Turkey's efforts to complete the delivery of all the outstanding benchmarks on the Visa Liberalisation Roadmap as soon as possible.

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