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A resource object MUST contain at least the following top-level members: member is not required when the resource object originates at the client and represents a new resource to be created on the server.

In addition, a resource object MAY contain any of these top-level members: key MUST be an object (an “attributes object”).

The following “globally allowed characters” MAY be used anywhere in a member name: as the primary data (as described above). A server MAY include error details with error responses.

A server MUST prepare responses, and a client MUST interpret responses, in accordance with MUST be returned, as described above. A server MAY include error details with error responses.

To enable an easy mapping of member names to URLs, it is RECOMMENDED that member names use only non-reserved, URL safe characters specified in RFC 3986.

Clients MUST send all JSON API data in request documents with the header .

JSON API documents are defined in Java Script Object Notation (JSON) [RFC7159].

Members of the relationships object (“relationships”) represent references from the resource object in which it’s defined to other resource objects. A “relationship object” MUST contain at least one of the following: request.

If present, a related resource link MUST reference a valid URL, even if the relationship isn’t currently associated with any target resources.

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