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Updating again with Tortoise always claims that everything is at the current revision.Also an "svn up" in the folder where the files are missing says that everything is at the current revision.If a file(s) fails to download during the updates, please close the updater then open it again.After the status check is complete the update button will become active again.

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If that's not the case, you can update or restore without i Tunes using these steps: On your Windows PC, reset the hosts file.Before updating Spybot, you should disable any other security programs that are running real time protection which may interfere with the Spybot update, causing it to fail.To update Spybot: – Open Spybot by right clicking on the Spybot icon and click “Run as Administrator”. – In the Update window click the “Update” button to begin downloading the latest definition files.Try the following tips to resolve error 9006 in i Tunes if you encounter the error problem when updating i OS system software.Usually simply disabling any third party firewall and antivirus software along with updating to a new version of i Tunes is sufficient to remedy the update error.

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