Emerge config files in etc need updating

These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild U ] sys-devel/gnuconfig-20120818 [20120116] [ebuild U ] dev-libs/expat-2.1.0-r2 [2.1.0] [ebuild U ] media-libs/libpng-1.5.13-r1 [1.5.10] [ebuild U ] virtual/libffi-3.0.11 [0] [ebuild N ] dev-libs/gobject-introspection-common-1.32.1 [ebuild N ] dev-libs/elfutils-0.149 USE="bzip2 zlib -lzma -nls" [ebuild U ] app-arch/zip-3.0-r1 [3.0] USE="-natspec%" [ebuild U ] sys-apps/man-pages-3.42 [3.41] [ebuild U ] dev-libs/libtasn1-2.13 [2.12] [ebuild U ] app-text/dos2unix-6.0.1 [6.0] [ebuild U ] dev-libs/glib-2.32.4-r1 [2.30.3] [ebuild U ] x11-libs/pango-1.30.1 [1.29.4] [ebuild U ] x11-libs/gdk-pixbuf-2.26.4 [2.24.1-r1] [ebuild U ] dev-libs/atk-2.4.0 [2.2.0] [ebuild U ] media-video/mplayer-1.1-r1 [1.0_rc4_p20110322-r1] USE="iconv*" [ebuild U ] gnome-extra/libgsf-1.14.23 [1.14.22] USE="-introspection%" [ebuild U ] net-libs/gnutls-2.12.20 [2.12.18] [ebuild U ] x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme-3.4.0 [] [ebuild U ] gnome-base/librsvg-2.36.1 [2.34.2] [ebuild U ] x11-libs/gtk -2.24.12 [2.24.10-r1] [i3][root][~] I read that section of the emerge man page, and it talks about CONFIG_PROTECT and CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK. -- Walter Dnes It's sys-apps/portage- My /etc/portage/is attached. Now 5 minutes later, it wants me to remove the "iconv" flag. * Short story Flash does not work on linux midori without this option * Long story.The tone of the message seems to indicate there is something wrong with my /etc/portage/file. I start my USE with "-*" so I have to put a lot of stuff in When I ran etc-update, here are the changes it wanted to make to .. See "I got midori working, including Flash" which I posted on the 15th in this forum.I'd like to find out what 15 items need updating, how do I do that? and a few others that I can't remember at this moment in time. Usually, if you didn't modify a file by hand then you should accept the updates and substitute the old config file with the newer one.Basically, the server was setup for me, now I'm just playing, updating, etc, trying to get the hang of Gentoo. The etc-update tool is part of the base system, you already have it installed. Otherwise, if you modified that file by hand then you should already know what to do.Portage will be needed in to order to install the binary package, however it is possible to run something off a virtual machine.Boot up a Live DVD/CD that has Portage included (Gentoo Live DVDs or System Rescue CD should contain Portage). Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

It functions as the heart of Gentoo-based operating systems.Portage includes many commands for repository and package management, the primary of which is the All Gentoo installations come with Portage.Like all data, there is a possibility Portage can become corrupted or even uninstalled, which is very bad.Have a friend or a build server build a Portage binary package, then boot a recovery disk and transfer the binary package to the broken machine.This could be done using the command (see the binary package guide).

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