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And, “people were getting called ‘dumb sluts’ left and right.” At first, as salespeople started reading, the talk continued, but then the account managers noticed who was joining and began to flee.

The fight-or-flight impulse was not particularly useful here: They could make the channel disappear from their own view of Slack, but running away did nothing to delete its history.

Like Facebook or Twitter, Slack induces the same anxious, attention-hungry rhythm in its users, the same need to endlessly refresh, and gives off the same illusion of intimacy in an ultimately public space.

Découvrez notre dossier consacré au paraverbal : Le paraverbal.

Open Slack, and it greets you with a friendly message as it loads: “Be cool. The day just got better.” Or: “Always get plenty of sleep, if you can.” (They’re all signed from “your friends at Slack.”) The left side of the screen lists your contacts and group “channels,” with green lights to indicate whether users are active and pink badges to mark unread messages.

Star the people you talk to most and they’ll stay at the top of your list, or search for any other employee by name and start a new conversation.

Les hésitations comme les « humm » sont, par exemple, des indicateurs du paraverbal.

Lorsque des hésitations sont présentent dans un discours elles ont de multiples effets sur la portée des paroles.

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