Earth age uranium dating

It is more likely that men were without agriculture for a very short time after the Flood, if at all.Choose: No Frames Layout Choose: Human Evolution Frames .Thus, the following items are evidence against the evolutionary time scale and for the biblical time scale.Much more young-world evidence exists, but I have chosen these items for brevity and simplicity. The stars of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, rotate about the galactic center with different speeds, the inner ones rotating faster than the outer ones.

If the evolutionary time scale is correct, buried bones should be able to last for much longer than 200,000 years, so many of the supposed eight billion stone age skeletons should still be around (and certainly the buried artifacts). This implies that the Stone Age was much shorter than evolutionists think, perhaps only a few hundred years in many areas. It is very improbable that none of the eight billion people mentioned in item 12 should discover that plants grow from seeds.Yet each time a comet orbits close to the sun, it loses so much of its material that it could not survive much longer than about 100,000 years.Many comets have typical ages of less than 10,000 years.during which time the world population of humans was roughly constant, between one and ten million.All that time they were burying their dead, often with artifacts.

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