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All Windows 7 ultra-mobile form factor PCs are required to either support the D3De9X interface and be Direct3D 9.x compliant, or support Direct3D 10 or greater. Must meet 700kbps throughput on BT averaged over 2 minutes while connected to WLAN in Ex TSTA mode. Support At Least2Wi Fi Direct Ports Concurrently) when BT is connected or is in scanning mode. During this time when the firmware is in control, the following are the requirements: Topology Selection UEFI must reliably detect all the displays that are connected to the POST adapter. There must only be one LED to indicate wireless status (i.e.All systems must meet the following minimum video memory size requirements. Must not drop the connection with WLAN AP when BT is scanning for new devices. Meet Performance Req) when BT is connected or is in scanning mode. Additional Information Description A System with a Bluetooth controller must comply with the Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO)-USB requirements that are outlined in the Specification of the Bluetooth System, Version 2.1 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Part A, Section 3.5. The Pre-OS screen can only be displayed on a display connected to the POST adapter. there must be not one LED for Bluetooth, one for Wi-Fi, etc.).

Description All Windows systems must be capable of starting the Aero theme, by meeting the following requirements. Additional Information To ensure a uniform experience that balances power usage with responsiveness for users in reconnect scenarios, Bluetooth controllers must use the Page Scan Interval and LE Scan Interval values as set by Windows at all times. Description There does not need to be a hardware button for wireless radios on Windows 8 laptops or tablet/convertible PCs.Some requirements have passed forward from Logo requirements for earlier Windows versions, which used a category based structure. Description For Certifying Bluetooth controllers for Windows 8.1: When turning the radio off , Bluetooth controllers shall be powered down to its lowest supported power state and no transmission/reception shall take place.We have included the older Logo Point ID in the comments section for your convenience. Windows will terminate Bluetooth activity by unloading the inbox protocol drivers and their children, submitting the HCI_Reset command to the controller, and then setting the controller to the D3 logical power state, allowing bus drivers to power down the radio as appropriate.If additional functionality is implemented in the system design beyond the minimum list of features and their underlying requirements for a given product type, then the Windows HCK identifies those additional features and tests them for compliance with the corresponding requirements. For Certifying Bluetooth controllers for Windows 8 only: The previous requirement remains unchanged.Because these optional requirements apply only if the optional features are implemented, these requirements are identified as "If Implemented" in this document. Bluetooth controllers On/Off state shall be controllable via software as described in Bluetooth Software Radio Switch The Off state is defined, at a minimum, as disabling the antenna component of the Bluetooth module so there can be no transmission/reception.

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