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That in mind, the best things you can do to get a woman back are to: 1) Act like you’re totally OK with her decision to leave… 2) Start dating other people right away and LET HER KNOW ABOUT IT.

This combination is often enough to make them come back to you…

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- On Being A Man: How to become a powerful man - Cocky Comedy: Techniques to make a woman laugh - Become Mr.

***QUESTION*** Dave, I got your book and I’ve read it twice. Signed, Pissed off in DC MY COMMENTS: Hey PO, I think your problem is really pretty simple.

So pick one, and refine it until your mind no longer goes blank. ……calling her repeatedly would be a wussy move: am i right? I blew it of and gave her a c f answer saying do u expect me to believe that, I’m starting to think I make you nervous. ……This is the first 10 I’ve encountered since I’ve used your techniques so I need some advice. This is why you’re going to find that a lot of women “flake out” when you make plans with them.

The reason why she’s blowing you off is because she no longer feels that CRITICAL emotion called ATTRACTION for you… That’s why you need to stop acting like a needy, lovesick puppy RIGHT NOW if you want to salvage any chance of turning this thing around. Here’s what I want you to do: 1) Start to date other women immediately, and making sure this girl knows about it. Finally, go out tomorrow night and use this one introduction to meet 10 women. If you need to polish up your “Cocky & Funny” skills for SUCCESS in ANY situation, you can do it here:

And, for all you OTHER guys out there in the same boat, let me make this clear: If you act like our friend B. 2) Stop calling her all the time and spending any time with her. Because, when you act like a Wuss, women AUTOMATICALLY lose their ATTRACTION for you — and they can’t even explain why it’s happening. The next day, sit down again for a few minutes and think about how it worked for you. I have plenty of girls getting a rise out of my C- F attitude–it doesn’t make sense at all but, like you say, to them it’s magic. D, Indianapolis MY COMMENTS: D, you’re totally off the rails on this one… ***QUESTION*** Dear Dave, First off, props to you on the book. Due to the way I look, dress, and talk, girls assume that I am a player. I have had a few times where I am about to seal the deal, and some girl will ask me, “How many girls have you been with ? ” I have never sealed the deal and if I tell them this they don’t believe me and some will just get mad and leave. Please help me resolve this because armed with my determination and my improving skills. Double Your ***QUESTION*** Dave, Your material is golden.

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