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Carlos opined that issues on federalism on whether or not it may curb the political dynasty, term limits, corruption and etc.

Since, the present unitary system does not bring the total well-being of what Filipinos wanted, federalism might be considered.

Neither Philip II nor his son Alexander the Great even attempted to conquer Sparta: it was too weak to be a major threat that needed to be eliminated, but Spartan martial skill was still such that any invasion would have risked potentially high losses.

In Greek mythology, Lakedaimon was a son of Zeus by the nymph Taygete.

He was believed to have built the sanctuary of the Charites, which stood between Sparta and Amyclae, and to have given to those divinities the names of Cleta and Phaenna.

The device also claims an impressive range of 1,000 clear metres - impossible to substantiate in all but the most palatial of homes and reduced indoors - and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Carlos also reiterated the need to structure intergovernmental relations relative to security concerns to allow for seamless intelligence sharing across all sub-national units within the federal system.

Other alternatives include strengthening or enhancing the Local Government Code, enhancing autonomy through the BBL, revising the social chapters of the constitution –or those pertaining to social justice and autonomous rule.

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Carlos claimed that the OTS operation solely concentrated on airport x-ray machines which constituted a deviation from its regulatory powers.

Lines of authority on security and defense matters from the federal government to the sub-national units have to be clearly delineated.

It is thus unwise to have several command structure in each sub-national units.

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