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Also, potted plants are associated with sickness, so better look for something else.High-quality alcohol or pens as well as business-card holders are also a nice idea.If you have to send a gift never involve the numbers 4, 9 and 43 (e.g. To be on the save side, better avoid anything that has a “4” or “9” in it.;) Now that you know what numbers to avoid, there are some things you can use to help add more meaning to your gift by using specific animals on the wrapping paper or on the actual gift itself.When handing it over, do it with both hands (also when receiving it).If it is for an individual, you need to do it in private and you want to give it to the person towards the end of your visit, not in the beginning like in the USA.Although you may write with black ink in your own country, when signing a gift card in Japan, you may want to change your pen.

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Below is a quick guide to help you find the perfect gift for every occasion.

With a rich culture, history and several ancient legends, there are plenty of superstitions to be aware of when giving gifts in Japan.

Whether you need to send gifts to Japan to thank a host or want to send a gift basket to a business partner, there are things you need to know.

There’s the typical “omiyage” (お土産) that you’re supposed to bring back from your trip.

Gifts are also exchanged towards the end of the year (oseibo, お歳暮) to express indebtedness and midyear (ochugen, お中元) to show one’s gratitude.

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