Diamonds and carbon dating is bob dylan dating anyone

The RATE radiocarbon research first focused on demonstrating that significant detectable levels of carbon-14 are present in ancient coal beds.12 Ten samples from U. coal beds, conventionally dated at 40–320 million years old, were found to contain carbon-14 equivalent to ages of around 48,000–50,000 years.

The laboratory did repeat analyses and confirmed that this carbon-14 in the coals was not due to any contamination either in situ in the samples or added to the samples in the laboratory.

Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance and resist physical abrasion.

Also, the chemical bonding of the carbon in diamonds makes them highly resistant to chemical corrosion and weathering.

Therefore, it was concluded that carbon-14 in these diamonds was consistent with a young age for the earth itself.

Therefore, they cannot be hundreds of millions or billions of years old, as there is no other current credible explanation for the presence of this carbon-14.That process may have introduced some more carbon-14 to the analyses.The University of California scientists, of course, did not conclude that the diamonds they analyzed are evidence that the earth is young.Instead, they interpreted these 64,900–80,000 year “age” to represent one component of “machine background” in the analytical instrument.Yet this begs the question as to why then did the Precambrian graphite contain on average more carbon-14 to yield younger ages than the diamonds?

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