Dhcp not updating dns forward lookup zone

Welcome to Windows Vista Tips, your resource for help for any tech support and computing help with Windows Vista..Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.This is not necessary for N1MM logger to work in Networked-Computer mode.old-edit Macro key substitution is supported by most programmable buttons in the program.For Multi-User mode there are a few specific macros which can be found on the Macros Chapter.They are subject to network latencies and cannot be guaranteed to prevent simultaneous transmitting.Because of network latencies, lost packets, network dropouts or network failures there could be short overlaps in transmissions, or even complete failure of the lockout.

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I'm not sure if it would say whether or not a client failed to register or not, but may show you other issues with DNS if they exist.

It is possible to use N1MM logger in a multi-computer networking environment, either supporting the multi-operator contest categories or for special purposes for a single operator (continuous backup, two-computer SO2R, to separate the radio control and Internet access functions into two computers, ...).

For this to work you need at least two networked computers, with a maximum of 16.

In DNS the following was set: -Type AD Integrated -Replication All domain controllers in this domain -Dynamic Updates None (why that was like that who knows) -Scavenging is not in use yet I changed Dynamic updating to Secure and Non Secure since I was not sure how it would affect all the non windows servers currently in there.

The DNS suffix name is in there, the DNS and DHCP services are also all started and running on each client.

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