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The terrier was cast as Sandy in the musical Annie and performed there for seven years.

Berloni’s book is completely engaging as he tells the backstage stories of the shelter dogs who have become superstars in television, film, and theater.

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The deep inspiration and humanitarianism that is depicted throughout this brilliant book will have you looking at your dog in a totally different way, while at the same time realizing what it means to be a truly enlightened human being. Mc Greevy, award-winning researcher, animal behaviorist, veterinarian and author of five previous books, shares the techniques he uses with his own dogs (pictured on the cover) and helps readers understand the challenges and confusions dogs face living in the modern world.Drawing on the latest research as well as his own expertise, he explains what motivates dogs, what it is they value, what they don’t like and the process by which they learn about the world.He relates why certain aspects of our behavior are mystifying to dogs and why dogs may never comprehend some of our very human tendencies.The cafe offers coffee, tea, and light snacks, and Meyer tells us that if this concept sticks, he’s hoping to open more locations and integrate liquor service into the mix.Address: #1180 – 8260 Westminster Highway, Richmond (at the Hanna is a Staff Food Writer at Daily Hive.

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