Dating when you are middle aged Missiuri bi sexual chat line

Make yourself available, meet new people and take things slow if you are entering the middle-aged dating game.

OK, but here’s how I look at that: Women outlive men by seven years on average, so from that standpoint it makes sense for the woman to be older and the man younger. What could be more entertaining than the window on midlife culture in America provided by my laptop monitor from the comfort of my living room?In the last 11 days, 47 men have viewed my profile.I think that should make me feel good about myself, although for all I know, the lady who dives the Great Barrier Reef and rides her Harley on weekends has been viewed 147 times.So what’s a 45-year-old woman who doesn’t snowboard supposed to do? How much weight would a travel set of Scrabble add to my pack if I did decide to take on Kilimanjaro?One-upmanship when it comes to adventure-seeking is really one-upmanship in the mating game, and neither are competitions I care to enter. Knowing me, I’d soon be choosing between paying the African equivalent of a Sherpa to haul me up the mountain on a backboard, and tossing my Scrabble set and all other belongings over the side of the mountain like Bill Bryson’s friend did on the Appalachian Trail.

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