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There does not seem to be any case on interfaith marriages.

However, the current dispute in the US on the legality of same gender marriages and how it is ultimately resolved will no doubt be of relevance to this issue.

Whilst he was hardworking and I believe his intentions are good, some of the personal habits I observed left a lot to be desired.

The constant spitting (apparently due to chewing tobacco), public urination (and by this I mean pulling it out anywhere there is space and going), nose picking and staring at me (usually whilst also fiddling with their nether regions) are a few of the distasteful activities I observed.

Marriages between Muslims and non Muslims is prohibited under Islamic law, except in certain limited circumstances.

Malaysian Islamic law is even more limited than some other schools of Islamic law. Traditional commentators discourage marriages between Muslims and non Muslims, although there is a divergence of views on when it is allowed and what restrictions are placed on the general rule above. Most Malaysian State Syariah legislation, following the Shafie school, puts a slight gloss on the above rule.

Several years ago I tried my hand at internet dating through the website

Here I found hundreds of men all with photos where they looked like their mother had dressed them.

(Incidentally, this means only Malayalee Christians in Malaysia – the Mar Thomites and the Syrian Christians – would probably comply with this requirement).

It is noteworthy that the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, a Muslim, and his Hindu wife Gauri have been happily married since 1991.

In addition to the protections for religious freedom and equality under the law, there are specific protections for the human right, in of itself, to found a family.

My simplistic explanation on why this behaviour is tolerated comes down to the arranged marriage.

The men I have observed undertaking this behaviour tend to be of lesser socio-economic means, and in my rudimentary understanding of the intricacies of Indian culture, I believe they are more likely to have an arranged marriage.

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