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The Canadian born brothers had previously founded succesful irrigation settlements in California USA. “Olivewood is now classified by the National Trust and is in the centre of a very mature orange plantation.) Enlistment On October 7th 1939 he signed up as Trooper E. 1200 hrs - Arrived at bivouac area, Karkur, after passing through Hedera? The agreement to establish the Renmark irrigation colony (The first in Australia) was signed on 14th February, 1887. Bryan Mole, "C" Squadron, Nº 11 Troop, 6th Divisional Reconnaissance Regiment, 2nd AIF. They were to spend much of their time in the army together. Each of us allocated a Morris Commercial vehicle - 4 or 6 wheeler - 67 trucks in convoy." 3/3/40 - "Major Mc Arthur Onslow described 1st, 2nd & 3rd, Gaza engagements. I have my fathers diaries, with entries every day from his joining the army, until the day of his death on the 28th November 1955. Mt Hebron & Heights in distance." The next few days were spent setting up tent lines and spreading the floor with gravel at the Quastina Camp. Visited Deir El Belah cemetery - British, Australian, NZ, Irish, Airforce, Seamen & Germans of all ranks buried there. Although the trees have grown considerably and the undergrowth makes it somewhat difficult these rows are visible today -1997. Later in 1939, from April to September, Bryan was employed as Assistant Manager by Chateau Mildura and Olivewood Pty.

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Second prize was awarded in the open class for Ryeland Rams at the sheepbreeders show of 1936, and they also showed at the Royal Agricultural Show and at Bairnsdale. Arrived Helwan." 5/9/40 - "Very sandy dry camp area. Erecting orderly room tent with 'Cossie' in the afternoon." 7/9/40 - "Left on tour ........ Pointed out the spot where Moses was found in the bulrushes........ 16/9/40 - "Worked on our car, 3677, tightening all nuts & bolts." 18/9/40 - "1st air raid warning in this country last night. M.] 5/10/40 - "Old gut pretty lousy today - so had a quiet day in bed." 9/10/40 - "Reveille this morning at midnight, 2400 hrs...... Am going to take on RAP job." During this time he was trained as an ambulance driver and was in charge of a Ford ambulance, working with the R.

Ltd., on one of their estates "Olivewood" at Renmark, South Australia.

He was required to keep all records, books, accounts of the estate, and pay the employees for citrus picking, as well as supervising the casing of fruit for market etc. Saw Australian Soldiers Convalescent Depot at Kefan Vitkin.

Bryan left this employment in order to enlist with the AIF. 8 hectares, was established by one of the Chaffey brothers (George and W. 1030 - Landed in Nathanya having taken wrong turning.

B.) after they had been invited to Australia by the then South Australian Premier, Downer. He chose a Canadian style log cabin, the walls of Murray pine logs laid horizontally, supported by vertical pine posts slotted to receive them, with deep shady verandahs added later. Beautiful health resort on Mediterranean, Hotel Eden.

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