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And guess what, they don’t want to date a sex tourist.If you meet a girl who works in a big hotel, you can bet your ass that she said “ and yes, she’s desperate because these guys are the only ones who approach her. I don’t tell you this because I judge men who pay for sex.But that doesn’t mean that finding Pattaya girls who are girlfriend material or even marriage material is impossible.A vast percentage of the women you can meet in one of the I don’t say the nightlife of this raunchy city is perfect for finding your Pattaya bride.

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I recommend you check out this guide about the bar scene.

I’m also not talking about the massage girls who wait until the concierge allows them to go to room 69.

I don’t care about these girls and you shouldn’t either.

This article is for men who want to find a girlfriend or a wife in Pattaya who doesn’t charge for every hour.

Let’s have a look at where to meet and how to date amazing women in a city that is known for blowjob bars and fake girlfriend experiences…​Pattaya is a big city.

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