Dating the married man

She got married hoping she would learn to love him and feel passionate about him in time. The went to both individual counseling and marriage counseling for several years. Their marriage counselors told them their business was saving marriages and that they did not have anything there to save. Some discover that the spark isn’t enough to continue.Your ridiculously massive mistake was MARRYING this man, even though you knew how you felt.

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Stop claiming that you’re not courageous enough to leave him. You married a man who wants affection, you won’t give it to him, and he’s upset.I should add, at this juncture, that I’m sure there are similar questions relating to 40 women on the dating scene but, never having dated any women, I only feel qualified to speculate about the male of the species.I’m sure there are equally damning perceptions from both sides of that particular fence. But you’re asking yourself how he has managed to avoid a committed, semi-successful relationship thus-far and whether you should therefore be seriously considering him as a prospect?Married But Bi is South Africa's premier dating site for bisexual and bi-curious people looking for bisexual dating, adult fun, a bisexual relationship or a marital affair.Our database holds thousands of like-minded bisexual men and bisexual women many of whom will be looking for exactly the same things that you are.

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