Dating the aquarius man

Aquarius' aren't usually the ones who will try to "game" another person.

True self- expression is VERY important to an Aquarian, thus an Aquarian will start off being themselves from the beginning.

We may do these things when we're not sure we should let you go or when we're completely sure that you should stay.

But once we've made up our minds that we no longer want to invest our time into someone, we make that very clear.

Sometimes it is hard to understand their uniqueness and the things they do, but they always expect others to appreciate their inventions, intentions, behaviors and anything they do. Even if they do nothing, they think they are still busy.

If your partner is a bit crazy or weird, it does not mean something is wrong with them. Aquarians love themselves and believe they work harder than others, thus they want others to adjust to their seemingly busy schedules.

When dating an Aquarius man, you need to be as open as possible.

If he is open with you but you cannot trust him, he will definitely notice that one day. You should be open to each other, otherwise you have no future.

One of the biggest reasons alot of Aquarians "pull away" or use the "distance" card is because at a specific moment they may feel that being themselves is not welcome or is annoying the other person or that being themselves might clash with who you are as a person.It really just depends on how hard of a decision they have to make.People think that when Aquarians disappear, they do it out of spite & that is not true. It might be him or you, but either way, Aquarians do most of their soul searching & decision making in the dark & when there are no distractions.This little article is for those of you who typically run away from Aquarians as far as possible because you have no idea how to get along with them.If your partner or crush is an Aquarius, take a look at the tips that will help you build a successful relationship or save a relationship that is going south.

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