Dating solomon island girls

The Duchess revealed to Judith Siota, President of the Solomon Islands Christian Association Federation for Women, that her family had become particularly important since she and William married last April.She added: 'There are lots of problems here, family violence against women is a big one and also child sexual exploitation.A lot of women's groups are dealing with the issue of child abuse to young girls.

William and Kate, who was wearing a navy blue Mulberry dress from its 2012 spring/summer collection, and matching navy Russell and Bromley wedges, stood watching eight bare-breasted women in grass skirts dancing in front of them before accepting the greetings of loin cloth-wearing village elders.The Islands remain at a steamy 27C (80F) throughout most of the year, but there is some respite from June to August with cooler temperatures.November to April sees more, frequent rain - and the occasional cyclone.'I really wanted them to feel like they had everything they need.The Duke made the group laugh by banging the table with his hand and saying 'where's the agenda?They then moved to The Festival Village in the capital Honiara, which boasted nine thatched huts each featuring singers, dancers and handicrafts from the provinces that make up the Solomon Islands, 900 miles east of Papua New Guinea.

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