Dating sites in sweden 2016

In the ages of 12-15 years old, 28 percent of girls have been the victims of bullying, compared to 15 percent of the boys.

Internet at work 90 percent of those who are working have access to the internet at their job.

Among 16-25 year olds, two out of ten (18%) have done it, while one out of ten (10%) between the ages of 26-45 use online dating. Of those who use dating services, four out of ten (42%) have not met anyone, while around just as many (39%) have met someone without results.

About a fifth of those who use internet dating have had good results: 16 percent started a relationship and 3 percent moved in together or got married.

There is now an average of 2.07 computers and 1.13 tablets per household.

92 percent have a computer, 81 percent have a smartphone and 65 percent have a tablet.

File sharers are also the group that pays the most for streaming services, 60 percent of file sharers pay for streaming services, compared to 39 percent who do not use file sharing.

Among the new services on the internet are Air Bn B and Uber, at 15 and 4 percent respectively.

Those who use social networks do so around one hour a day or seven hours per week.

At the age of eleven, 56 percent of girls are daily users compared to 42 percent of boys in the same age.

Young women are also the ones who get into trouble more often on the net.

Children and youth are major users Internet use among very small children continues to rise.

Three out of four 2-year olds (72%) use the internet, which is an increase of five percentage points since the previous year when it was 67 percent.

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