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In these last days of August, the rooftop of the Cleveland Park Bar & Grill calls to me.Normally I am not too crazy about sports bars, and prefer watering holes that don't have televisions at all.

Arrive early to get a front-and-center balcony seat at the latest high-grossing blockbuster. Presidential Accessories By Emily Groves Are you ready for some change you can dress yourself in?

Many Italian restaurants in DC seem to either be quick and drunken pizza pick up joints (picture Adams Morgan) or over-the-top fine dining. French restaurants have a reputation for being pricey, dimly lit, and formal.

But Petits Plats offers a pleasant alternative to stuffy coq au vin.

Hopefully it will go through some more changes before they finalize them.

Essentials Woodley Park and Cleveland Park have long stood proud as safe, residential neighborhoods with good retail.

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