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Even though this is a joint Litvak SIG-Belarus SIG project, all contributions should be made through Litvak SIG by going to https:// membership-and-contributions/ join-and-contribute/ The support of researchers from Lida District towns has enabled us to translate more than 100,000 records of our Lida District families so far.

Thanks to those of you who helped make this possible -- and thanks in advance to those of you who will help us continue our translations.

I have a PD article as well that I plan on uploading to viewmate for translation. Betsy -- Betsy Shaw Kramer researching: STONE, TSIRERLSTEIN, TSIRLSHTEYN, ZIRILSTEIN, CYRILSTEIN, CIRELSTEINAS, MONTVILISHKY, MONTVILLISSKI areas beyond MERETZ/MERKINE LITHUANIA researching: OSHEVITZ, OWCEJEWITZ, SHAVITZ, SHEAVIRTZ, SLOSBERG, SCHLOSBERG SMORGON, GRODNO, BELARUS areas beyond From: Judy Baston I'm thrilled to be able to announce that the Lida 1903/1905 Family List has been translated.

Needless to say, because of its size, the Lida 1903/05 Family List was costly to translate, and -- even with the generous end-of- year donations, we currently are in need of additional funds.

However, I have been able to obtain another matching grant, so any contribution you can make will be matched one-for-one!

A few days ago with the help of a Jewish Facebook group, a translation was made of his gravestone inscription for me.

I found out that my children's great grandfather Nicolas Liepner's original name was "Nachum" son of Shloma(o) Yaakov.

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