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"Let's just say, the date is not what he expected." When Elliot sits down to dinner, he's not met by the Georgina he was expecting to see, but a man with a beard and a high-pitched voice.He then makes his escape, dashing across fields to get away before being caught by Ben for the big reveal and the immortal words: "Sorry bro! Who can honestly tell me that they haven’t spent considerable time perfecting their selfie face to get that angle just right to catch the attention of some computer geek trawling an internet dating site (or in the case of those no longer playing the dating game just a few more likes on Instagram).According to the chick, they had an intense holiday romance (he on the other hand describes it as a one night stand) and carried on communicating when they returned to their respective countries. Turns out she had been stood up and after a few hours received a text (displayed above) saying she’d ‘been pigged’.Lets be honest…how much can you tell about a person a couple of profile pictures? The latest tale to hide the headlines and go viral is that of the ‘pull a pig’ prank.What’s to say that smoking hot guy with the six pack isn’t a serial killer? Yet, he’s more likely to be swiped right than the chubby dude with a pleasant smile, standing in front of a fancy BMW (that’s most likely not his! For those of you don’t know this is the (MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS) story of 24 year old girl, Sophie Stevenson, who met a Dutch dude, Jesse Mateman, while on holiday in Barcelona.

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While calling people pigs is certainly not nice, it isn’t a criminal act either.ELLIOT is looking for love in the latest episode of Ben Phillips' 12 Pranks of Christmas.And at the end of his hot date, he's certainly got goosebumps - just not the sort he was hoping for.Not taking these accusations lightly, the Dutchman sought legal assistance and plans to hold Sophie liable for any damages he suffers a result of her accusations. Is it just me or have things just got totally out of hand? Being called a fat pig is never nice but seriously aren’t there bigger problems in the world.Furthermore, a crowd funding page has also been set up to help the girl recover the funds she’d spent travelling to Amsterdam. I was called morbidly obese but you don’t see me doing TV interviews about it!

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