Dating pottery finds

In 2017, modern laser technology enabled archaeologists to search for the hidden layout.The scan confirmed that Borgring was indeed one of only five Trelleborgs in Denmark.The dragon consists of six pieces and weighs over 120 tons.While the dragon revealed little about the monuments’ mysterious creators, the griffin was more forthcoming.In 2017, archaeologists found the statue of a woman inside the gate complex’s vast ruins.It is 3,000 years old and missing the lower half of its body.All of them were built during an unusually short period, spanning AD 975 to 980.This was when the Vikings faced immense military threats from German and Slavic nations.

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The monuments could easily be older than 12,000 years.

Even so, what remained of the basalt lady was enough to pique the team’s interest.

In its heyday, the statue would have been around 4 to 5 meters (13–16 ft) high but somehow ended up facedown on the ground with intentional damage to the face and chest.

In addition, the excavation also rediscovered a group of Hellenistic wells at Gadara’s center.

Together with Roman-era tunnels, the network connected to a hot bath in the city.

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