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Dating anyone from another culture is always going to be somewhat different to dating people from your own and you need to recognise the wealth of differences that come along with coming from a different nationality or country.For instance when dating someone from another country this can affect their beliefs and religion, their family life, their traditions and their values and if you are serious about being together then all of these are things that can affect you too further down the line.There’s also a decent chunk of brunettes mixed in there.If you like redheads, you’ll have to look elsewhere.This is very true when it comes to dating Polish women and getting to try their cuisine which is a wonderful selection of meals that are designed to be warming and soothing and that utilise only a minimal amount of ingredients.

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Again this will vary from person to person, but family and respecting the parent is something that is highly important to most Poles.

Mc Donald’s and KFC on every corner has made many Poles an unacceptable size.

Overall though, Polish women are far more beautiful and thin than most girls in the West.

This shouldn't generally be a problem in your relationship so long as you generally get on with the parents, but it might affect things such as moving too far away from their original home.

Religion Though religions can vary in Poland, most Polish women will be predominantly Catholic and will likely take this very seriously.

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