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When the youngest, Elizabeth, 'Lizanne' was born, Grace admitted she resented no longer being the baby of the family and the center of attention.

Lizanne confessed to elbowing her older sister out of the way and becoming the chosen daughter.'I used to beat her up - yes, I really did!

He set his stars on Peggy, Grace's older sister and paid no attention to Grace, so the young girl turned to her mother for love and affection.

But Margaret Kelly believed in old-fashioned punishments. Grace viewed the competitive spirit that her father aggressively encouraged as sinister.'We were always competing for everything – competing for love,' Grace remembered.

'Grace realized she would never be able to act again, which is what she had wanted more than anything else,' actress friend Rita Gam is quoted.

The Hollywood starlet was born in 1929 to a wealthy family. Kelly, amassed a fortune with a bricklaying business in Philadelphia and won a gold medal for sculling in the 1920 Olympics held in Belgium.

Kelly, a Hollywood legend who later became royalty, slept with many of her co-stars and fell in love with many including 'The King of Hollywood' Clark Gable, while on location.

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'He was her prince on a white charger and he was going to rescue her from all this.Grace Kelly's Hollywood lovers: She fell in love with 'King of Hollywood' Clark Gable - who was 28 years her senior - on set of the 1953 film Mogambo, but he denied the affair.Above they are pictured in LA in 1952 Grace dated legendary singer and actor Bing Crosby, her co-star in The Country Girl.He could not possibly have known that what he was taking her from what made her the very person he loved.She did not know it either,' she was quoted at the time.

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