Dating on the chive

Me being young and dumb at the time thought that would be exciting.

So he drives me a pretty good way from my house and we go to an elementary school. Apparently he was a basketball coach and they had a game that night.

So at this point I notice I have no reception on my phone and I really wanted to leave but I thought maybe we were going somewhere fun afterward so I gave up trying to call someone to rescue me.

I sat and watched this game right next to this dude’s mom. Finally the game ended and we go to get in the car and his friend from the restaurant gets in the front seat making me sit in the back. Ominous Pumpkin Got set up on a date with this pretty awkward guy, he picked me up in his car which was sort of cool considering we were in high school but oh my god he was a nervous driver.

I am super uncomfortable with this and I ask what’s going on. So nervous in fact that he accidentally ran a red light, lost his shit and ducked into a residential area to sit at the end of a cul-de-sac freaking out thinking the cops were coming.

They basically tell me they want to run a train on me. I tried to explain that if a cop had seen him we’d have already been pulled over but dude was too freaked out.

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She said she was self-conscious though so she wanted the lights off. She had a GIANT (or at least it seemed giant) pink purse with the face of a pig on it.The rest of the night was spent talking about how shitty high school is and how much pressure he felt to lose his virginity but didn’t even like me that much. b8le __________ Matched on tinder with a guy who decided that a great story to tell in detail on our date was about the time he fisted a lady and tore her up so bad inside that she was bleeding profusely and had to go to the hospital to get stitches.He had a girl he actually liked but wanted to be “experienced”. After he was done telling the story, he told me he was glad I told him I was super squeamish, because now he wouldn’t try to show me pictures of all the blood he had saved on his phone.“I’ve been on and off online dating for the last 7 years and I figured throwing up some new pics was worth a shot and worst case scenario, send a couple smirks to strangers.While I was rebounding from a 5-year relationship, I went on a sort-of date with this weird dude from my community college who kinda stalked me, but was pretty much harmless. It was awful, the ball wasn’t inflated properly so every rotation you hit the floor it hurt, it was wet so there was water inside the ball and we had to jump out at the bottom of the hill into a puddle so wet sock galore. Gave us something to talk about though, been together nearly 4 years 🙂 The Charity Of Me __________ Had a good friend at University who disappeared overseas for a year after we graduated.

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