Dating of pregnancy by trimesters a review and reappraisal

Approximately 50% of women not practicing contraception conceive within 3 months, 60% by 6 months, 80% by 12 months, and 90% within 18 months when no specific attention was paid to the time of optimal fertility.

Occasionally, individuals request an assessment of their fertility status before they attempt to conceive or when planning conception.

It becomes increasingly important to complete an infertility evaluation and initiate therapy before the 1 year of infertility guideline, primarily because the window of fertility potential is time-limited.

Women at advanced reproductive ages will benefit from a rapid evaluation of their fertility potential and are most likely to use ART) to increase their opportunity to conceive.

The initial evaluation involves taking a detailed history focusing on the duration of infertility, the couple’s knowledge about reproductive physiology, the woman’s menstrual and obstetrical history, endocrine status and general health history, and exposure to potential toxins.

In addition, the family's genetic and fertility history are discussed.

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