Dating northern ireland

I’m fascinated by psychology and what makes people tick and have built up a library of books over the years,” she says.

“Having my qualification has hugely helped me with Two’s Company because I think I have a deeper understanding of emotions and the whole human experience.

Fusion101 is a secure Christian meeting place for Northern Irish Christian Singles to meet online and find other single Christians easily for friendship, penpals, dates, matchmaker services, and online personals - always completely free.

Over the last 11 years, 101 has had countelss single Christian marriages.

“People are forgetting how to communicate nowadays,” she says. When they join Two’s Company they are actually going to physically meet someone after talking to them initially over the phone.

It’s so much more personal than being in touch with someone via a smartphone or Facebook.

Friends Reunited Dating is a UK online dating site for men and women all ages seeking friendship, romance, marriage or just a date!

Having worked in manufacturing for many years, she had the necessary entrepreneurial skills to put her plan into action.

She sold up her bakery business and went back to college, to study psychology, counselling and executive coaching. “I’ve always been interested in anything that involves relationships, human nature and how people operate.

“It was a very significant episode for me because up until that moment, I had always felt very capable.

I’d always presumed that if I found myself in a threatening, awkward or uncomfortable situation I’d be able to handle myself.” While she doesn’t want to reveal the exact nature of the upsetting incident she says it was “very threatening” and made her realise that her personal safety was her main priority.

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