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CBO’s measure of before-tax comprehensive income includes all cash income (including non-taxable income not reported on tax returns, such as child support), taxes paid by businesses, employees’ contributions to 401(k) retirement plans, and the estimated value of in-kind income received from various sources (such as food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid, and employer-paid health insurance premiums).It is worth noting that medical benefits make up a sizeable and growing share of income in CBO’s series, a fact that often accounts for the difference between trends in CBO’s income data, which include these benefits, and other income series that do not.The most widely used sources of data and statistics on household income and its distribution are the annual survey of households conducted as part of the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS) and the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Statistics of Income (SOI) data compiled from a large sample of individual income tax returns.

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Thus, the adjusted household income of a single person with ,000 of income is equivalent to that of a household of four with ,000.

The second provides an overview of the trends revealed in those key data sources.

The third and fourth sections supply additional information on wealth, which complements the income data as a measure of how the well-off Americans are doing.

Data from a variety of sources contribute to this broad picture of strong growth and shared prosperity for the early postwar period, followed by slower growth and growing inequality since the 1970s.

Within these broad trends, however, different data tell slightly different parts of the story (and no single source of data is better for all purposes than the others). The first describes the commonly used sources and statistics on income and discusses their relative strengths and limitations in understanding trends in income and inequality.

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