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The series didn’t last long the just the average of short lived series – under six books. Above all the stories are believable and the characters are not just goody-goodies but battle real emotions. Elizabeth Gail and the Strange Birthday Party 1980 7. Which meant it was not necessarily bad – probably just didn’t catch on. It also has one of the cutest family pets ever – a spunky goose called Goosey Poosy. Elizabeth Gail and the Mystery at the Johnson Farm 1978 2.

All the characters went to Hammond high but where unlinked by friendship. Terrific thematic romances – never boring and always trying something new – be it a book put out with 9 short stories 105 – One for the Road , to taking it from a boys point of view or a character with a handicap ( 80’s term don’t freak out ) they managed that balance between something familiar with something exciting.

It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t good enough to last in a market flooded with series that dealt with battling cliques , there were just too many to chose from – Sleeepover Friends , The Fabulous Five , Bad News Ballet , Best Friends , etc. The Holly Hudnut Admiration Society – Lisa Norby – 1989 2. Too bad , this series idea was actually interesting- instead of featuring sixteen year-olds, the girls, would generally be freshman just entering high school and getting ready for the First Kiss of the series title. Also exotic adventures – a girl living in an underwater vessel like a mermaid , a teen with telepathy , a girl whose compulsion to take a walk discovers it could all be just kismet for a certain boy , while another girl , after designing her own computer game, decides to buy her own house!

The stories bounce along with a good deal of energy often ending in the Stars truimphing over some competition with the Clovers – unfortunately there were too many other series out there like this which is probably why it went belly-up after six books. It seemed with the Babysitters club and Sweet Valley High swaggering along the shelves like pants-hitching bigwigs thematic romances had gone the way of yesterdays news. They were without a doubt the most original offering up exotic locations – the amazon with parrot smuggling , soup kitchens for the homeless mixed up in a diamond heist, even daredevils in the Ozarks.

Somebody like Jeremy Vaughn – Bea Alexander – 1983 45.

Summer of my Independence – Rose Bayner – 1985 126. A Patch of Black Satin – Jeanne Cheyney – 1985 128.

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