Dating ftm trans

Many transsexual and transgendered people have read misinformation and disinformation regarding the science, denying or decrying the science, often in emotionally inflammatory language, that makes its rounds in the echo chamber of the web and social media.

Indeed, there are fora that will instantly ban any who discuss this science in any truthful way.

Think of these two types of transsexuals / transgenders as being separate species, perhaps like dogs and cats.

They both run on four legs, are covered in fur, have the same number of claws, prefer to eat meat, make good pets, love being petted, both deserve to be treated well, etc. Just as with cats and dogs, both types of transsexual/transgendered people deserve to be treated well; both equally deserve legal, social, and medical recognition as the gender to which they identify and aspire.

Please explore the entire site for a full explanation of each topic.

This FAQ is meant only as an introduction to the science, a launching of point for fully exploring the science.

Remember as you read this site; Transsexuals and transgendered people are good people, worthy of our respect, and even of our admiration.

Many topics are interwoven with other topics, as they are interlocking issues.

If you are a transsexual or transgendered person: You have value as a human being.

You have the right to be respected, valued, and even celebrated as the gender to which you identify and aspire.

This FAQ and associated blog is an attempt to correct this situation.

All information found in this FAQ and blog is supported by peer reviewed science, which given that there are too many to list in this brief FAQ, are referenced (cited) in the longer linked essay posts covering a given topic found on this site.

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