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I was five months pregnant with our son, and he kicked me in the stomach because he stayed out late one nightovernightand I questioned him for it. KATRINA: Yes, it was my fault that I made him beat me because I shouldnt have asked him. She had a good upbringing and became a Christian in her teens. Then one night at a club, Katrina met the man of her dreams. SCOTT ROSS (reporting): An important detail in this story: the man was also a Muslim. SCOTT ROSS: How should the everyday person who loves Jesus respond to a Muslim who feels just as strongly about his system as we do about Christ? What they respect out of me is a boldness to say to them, 'Youre missing it. KATRINA: Yes, a born-again believer who loves the Lord Jesus!

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KATRINA: The lights went on and the veil was taken off. He actually let her go to church for a while, but when she said she wanted to leave their religion KATRINA: Thats when he got violent. KATRINA: He told me point blank that if we cant take this country by force, well take our time and take it through marriage.

KATRINA: Oh, yeah, thats how they keep their women.

KATRINA: Because he would come back and say, 'Ill never do it again. So materialism is allowed within the Islamic beliefs?

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I think Dubai is a wonderful place, I respect their sense of morality toward women and the openness they treat their guests.

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